About Us

Star Burma Hotel is the first quick service restaurant model started in the year 2016, which serves scrumptious Veg/Non-Veg Burmese street foods, which is quite famous in North Chennai. "Atho" is one of the very famous street food from Burmese cuisine in Chennai, particularly very popular in areas like Parrys corner, Vyarsarpadi and along the roadside of most famous "2nd Lane Beach Road" in George Town.

Burmese food, culture and commerce came to India during the second world war when people from Burma came into India as refugees. Many of the Tamil populace came back to Chennai and settled in and around the north of Chennai and some of them also brought back interesting street food from Burma and set up shop here. Atho, Bejo, Mohinga, Seijo, Masala Egg, Plantain stew are the favorite delicacies of the Burmese, which are made available to us by the refugees. The locals of North Chennai love it and queue up to eat this.

As mentioned earlier, this food is famous only in North Chennai and even the people in the central and southern part of Chennai doesn't have much idea about this. Hence we would like to spread this famous street food of North Chennai across the world.

In a world of Burgers, Pizzas and other Fast food, this authentic Burmese food has the power to mesmerise the taste buds of foodies from anywhere and everywhere in the country, as all our food and masala is fresh and made daily. The food served here has high nutritional values as we add up a variety of greens, cabbage, groundnuts, onion, lemon, plantain and garlic oil which make up for its taste and nutrition, and is available at an affordable cost.

Are you dreaming of owning a hotel on your own, but does have not sufficient money...Worry not...We are here to lend you a helping hand and make your dream come true. All matters is creative thinking, love for the customers, business mind, pleasing appeal and a few bucks.

If you are ready with all these things, then why wait, start a franchise with us and amass your fortune.

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